Nicosia has over 3000 years of history as a settlement place and for most of this time, it has been the capital of the whole island of Cyprus.

Cyprus has been an important base of commerce for a lot of different actors between the east-west silk road routes. For this reason, it has been occupied by many different civilizations throughout its history.

In Nicosia, you can still find plenty of old buildings from the 1100s onwards which are still used today. For example, during the Crusaders Wars, part of the Jerusalem Dynasty moved to Cyprus and built a huge cathedral which is still being used as a mosque today. Old Nicosia walls were built by Venetians and the old town centre contains countless old-style houses and other buildings left from Venetian and Ottoman times.

North Cyprus is also home to ancient Greek civilizations’ remains from pre-Chris times, such as Salamis, Soli, and others. Even today Nicosia is a divided city between two Cypriot peoples, which uniquely makes it the only divided city in the EU. Nicosia serves as the capital of the two communities. Nicosia is a wonderful example of old and new intertwining and working together in modern life, giving visitors many different looks and cultural awakenings.


Places To Visit

Nicosia City Full of History

Nicosia is still the only city in Europe, which is a “divided” city. After settling in your hotel, you can wander the narrow streets of Old Nicosia with the walls bearing traces of history. The old gothic architecture of Selimiye Mosque, which is the St. Sophia Cathedral, will fascinate you. You can find peace in the authentic atmosphere of the “Mevlevi Tekkesi”, which is located in the immediate vicinity, and take great photos.

Tour Through History

While walking through the walls, you can stop by the Ethnography Museum and learn about the history of Cyprus. You can go to the top of the walls and watch the unique view of the city of Nicosia with its historical and modern structure, take a walk in Atatürk Square and taste local flavors.

Unique and Tasty

Don’t forget to check our A’la Carte menu for the specialties of Hotel Sun’s expert chefs. Northern Cyprus is well known for its Halloumi Cheese which does not melt when grilled. Other typical olive oil-based Mediterranean dishes and mezes are popular.

Mediterranean Sea Awaits You

Kyrenia is a city on the coast and very close to Nicosia. It has one of the most beautiful old harbors in the world as well as other historic locations such as Kyrenia Castle. You can enjoy the warm sand and the sea. The northern coastline is also famous for its numerous diving sites for those interested in diving. In addition to the usual Mediterranean Island properties, Cyprus also has two world-class Golf Courses.