Clean, Safe, Renewable

Our environment matters because it is the source of our life on earth. Clean air, water, and soil sustain our existence. Our luxurious way of life needs resources such as labor, money, and raw materials that come from or depend on a healthy environment. We use non-renewable resources and pollute the air, water, and soil with irreversible sanctions. We can’t use our home like this anymore. We must be part of the change. At Hotel Sun, we aimed to be not only a part of the change but also a pioneer.

We at Hotel Sun are passionate about our responsibility and we have taken great care in creating a hotel business that strives for minimal adverse effects on our environment, reduces our carbon footprint, and produces a business management system that focuses on sustainable hotel service.

Minimum energy and water consumption

carbon footprint

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Healthy mechanical infrastructure

Our first focus was to build a hotel building that uses the maximum amount of heat and sound isolation, a minimum amount of energy and water consumption, and the healthiest systems and mechanical infrastructure while providing our clients with excellent comfort, clean service, and maximum connectivity.

As a result of the work we have done in line with our policies, we are proud to say that Hotel Sun is the only hotel with the Edge Advanced certificate in Cyprus. Hotel Sun, the largest and most visited hotel in Nicosia, has won the EDGE green building certification from GBCI, an associate company of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group.

EDGE Advange Certification

Our worries and efforts did no go unanswered when we were able to secure EDGE Advance Certification for a green building. EDGE certification was given to us by GBCI (Green Building Certification Inc.) which operates under IFC, a World Bank organization.